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2006 Ford Mustang - CM Lowering Springs Set    2003 Chevy S10 Lift Kit
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Car Lowering Springs Set

Truck Coil & Block Lowering Kit  

Spindle (fabricated) Lift Kit  

Coil, Ctrl Arm, Block & Shock Lift Kit  

Spindle (cast) & Block Lift Kit  

Torsion Key & Shackle Lift Kit  

Upper Lift Ctrl Arms without Ball Joints  

Strut Spacer & Shackle Lift Kit  

Torsion Keys  

Strut Spacers  

Coil Spindle Ctrl Arm Block Shock Lift Kit  

Coil, Shackle & Hanger Lowering Kit  

Coil Spindle & Flip Kit w C-notch Support  

Block (ductile iron) Lift Kit  

Coil, Spindle, Ctrl Arm, Flip Kit w Shocks & Brake Lines  

Street Series Shock Set  

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Canuck Motorsports (CM) stocks exceptional lowering and lift kits. They are designed, manufactured and assembled with experience and precision. They are all outstanding products with extreme tolerance and long life. We guarantee it with our

  • Satisfaction Guarantee *
  • No Sag Guarantee *
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty *
    * See Warranty for details.

Suspension Design

Kits and components are designed by experts with decades of experience and respected talent.

  • Design Objectives:
    • Enhance suspension performance.
    • Strengthen stock suspension weaknesses.
    • Create a hot look.
    • Maintain a reasonable level of comfort.
  • Result:
    • Kits give an outstanding driving experience.
    • Kit performance will never decline. We guarantee it.


Components are well-made.

  • Made with honed skill and precision.
  • Manufactured using high-tech equipment and strict quality control.
  • Tested with state-of-the-art equipment.

Brand names:

  • Canuck Motorsports (CM, a private label):
    • Our suspension springs and parts are produced by respected manufacturers known for making quality parts.
  • Doetsch Enterprises:
    • Doetsch manufactures excellent truck shocks. CM store has opted to sell Doetsch brand shocks for CM kits. For over 25 years, Doetsch has been building performance shock absorbers for the automotive and off-road truck racing industry.

Specific Parts

List of descriptions for common parts used in CM kits.

Specific fit and precise suspension adjustment, accounting for model, engine size, etc.

  • Ride Quality:
    • CM springs enhance suspension performance while maintaining a reasonable level of comfort.
    • Engineered using rates higher than stock, often involving variable rates.
    • Created with ingenuity by the respected design team, CM's exceptional springs offer an outstanding driving experience that will never decline. Absolutely no sag, guaranteed.
  • Construction:
    • Highest quality spring steel is coiled using state-of-the-art equipment.
    • Stress-relieved in a continuous oven, shot peened and 100% set-removed.
    • Powder coated a rich, glossy burgundy to ensure long life and good looks.
    • High-tech equipment is used to consistently test the pre-production and production runs of every spring application built. Testing includes inspection for load height as well as rate.
  • Brand & Colour Variation:
    • ST truck springs are shipped to US addresses instead of CM truck springs (due to warehouse stock placement. Only affects truck springs). ST truck springs are comparable to CM truck springs, and are powder coated glossy gun-metal grey instead of burgundy.

Cast using ductile iron or fabricated (depending on application) and machined and manufactured with precision. They fit properly and have extensive geometry design insuring minimal bumpsteer. Fabricated spindles are powder coated to ensure long life and good looks.

Engineered and constructed stronger than OE for a sturdy well-performing drop. Come with top-grade urethane bushings. Powder coated to ensure long life and good looks.

Cast using ductile iron, producing an OE quality part. Provides a sturdy adjustable height change.

Strut spacers are either machined from billet aluminum, or fabricated using robust design and powder coated to ensure long life and good looks. Coil spacers are cast aluminum. All these spacers change rear height without changing ride quality. Easy installation, no spring compressor required.

Either fabricated sheet metal or made from .120 wall DOM seamless wall tubing (depending on application), and fitted with top-grade urethane bushings. Many applications include OEM quality (or stronger) ball joints. Powder coated to ensure long life and good looks.

Available for popular applications. Recommended for a number of applications to allow for correct camber adjustment, eliminating premature tire wear and improving drivability (see CM's general Installation recommendations). Front or rear camber kits can be ordered separately or as one complete kit. Currently not displaying in online catalogue. Contact CM for pricing and availability at

Made of high quality spring steel. Give a factory ride.

The vast majority of shackles come with high quality urethane bushings, are usually fully adjustable and are also greaseable for a few applications. Both shackles and hangers are powder coated to ensure long life and good looks. Use these parts to change rear height without changing ride quality. A cost-effective alternative to replacing leafsprings.

For many applications, comes with robust C-notch frame support to stop axle / frame contact. Reverses axle / leafspring positions, and lowers axle / spring pack thickness. Powder coated to ensure long life and good looks.

BLOCKS (cast):
Cast using ductile iron. Withstand up to 60,000 pounds crush test. Angled for correct drive shaft alignment. Come with steel centre pins (NOT aluminum) and heavy-duty U-bolts (square or round, depending on application).

BLOCKS (alum.):
Made of high tensile extruded aluminum (NOT cast aluminum)--strong, aircraft-quality material. Angled for correct drive shaft alignment. Come with steel centre pins (NOT aluminum) and heavy-duty U-bolts (square or round, depending on application).

Doetsch off-road and street series, with specific fit for each application. Available for lowered, lifted and original equipment (OE) applications. Enhances vehicle's control and driving comfort, while exceeding performance demands for each suspension application. Street series are engineered for optimal performance on the street. Off-road series offer not only enhanced off-road handling and extreme durability, but also a smooth and comfortable highway ride. Shock features:

  • Exterior:
    • High-gloss silver enamel finish
    • Polyurethane bushings
    • Dust wiper seal
    • Double-welded mounts
    • Loop / stem mount configurations, depending on vehicle
    • Bar pin / sleeve hardware, as needed by vehicle
  • Interior:
    • 150 PSI nitrogen gas charged
    • Twin tube construction
    • Hardened chrome .593" rod, polished & ground
    • Large 2" OD bore
    • Internal bump stop

Extended break lines are included in some kits. They are stainless steel and have heavy-duty fittings.

Fasteners are all included when needed for installation. Made of heavy-duty grade 5 steel.

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